How We Test Razors on

At Razorist, we have one goal: To give you the straight dope on every razor we can get our hands on to find if they are worth your hard-earned money.

So how do we do that? We test every razor we can get our hands on. That means spending hundreds of dollars on razors, detailing every single detail we can, and yes… a lot of shaving.

All of this is to let you know what someone that’s actually bought and used a razor really thinks of it.

For more details on how we test razors, keep reading…

Step 1: We Spend the Money

Box of razors for testing
Just some of the razors we’ve bought to test.

Unlike some review sites, Razorist does not accept free or discounted products to test. Every razor reviewed on our site is bought just like you would.

Why is this such a big deal?

We want to be impartial in our reviews. Most products are quality that we review. But if we told the truth about a free product there is a conflict of interest that we could just be saying nice things about it because we feel obligated.

Spending our own money lets you know that we are not beholden to any company looking for a good review in exchange for a product.

As well, there’s another important reason to spend our own money. Razors can be pricey. And we want to let you know if the price is worth it. It’s easy to say a razor is worth the money when you don’t buy it. It’s another thing when you pay your hard-earned cash.

Step 2: We Evaluate Each Razor and Shave Again and Again

Review sheet for razors
Review sheet for each razor we review.

Our evaluation of a razor starts well before it ever touches a single hair on our face.

We study it from every angle. How does it feel in the hand? How comfortable is it to hold? Does it feel high quality? Does it seem like it would break? What about the flexibility of the razor’s head?

We take notes of everything we can before using a razor… all the way down to where it was made. We even put the blades under a high-powered microscope to be able to evaluate the sharpness of the blade before it even provides a single shave.

From there, our reviewers finally start to shave. Razorist encourages each reviewer to shave exactly how they normally do. Some have the traditional routine at a sink with shaving cream. Others shave in a warm shower. We want reviewers to test a razor just how anyone else might use it in the real world.

Our reviewers take note of every aspect of the shave. This includes things like how the razor feels in the hand while shaving, how smooth the shave is, and how close it cuts. We look for all the positives and negatives of a razor so that we can bring you everything you need to know.

Finally, we shave again and again with each razor. After all, a single shave isn’t enough to tell if you’d still like a razor after using it over and over.

Step 3: We Tell You Everything

Microscrope zooming in on a razor
We even put each razor under a microscope.

When it comes to reviews, we aim to be as detailed as possible. We want to tell you all the nitty-gritty details of every aspect that we can. That’s because you never know what detail might be important to someone. Therefore, we want to tell you everything we can.

This includes the obvious about the razor we review — how it feels in the hand, how it shaves, and what it costs. But it also includes other details including where a razor is made, what’s in the box when you buy, and even how well it cleans.

Of course, it also includes tons of photos. And even looking at the razors under a microscope to see any blemishes or flaws that could affect shave quality.

It may seem like a lot, but we know how important finding the right razor is to your shave. That’s why we try to be as thorough as possible in our reviews.

Ready to get started and find the right razor for you? Start with our list of the Top 10 Razors.



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