Harry’s Razor: Full Review & Is It Good?

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Review TL;DR

Affordable, stylish, and a good shave. What’s not to like about the Harry’s razor? With five blades and cartridge refills for $2 each, there’s a lot of value in the razor. It cuts well, and looks even better sitting in the shower or by your sink.

Meet the Harry’s Truman Razor

For years the shaving world was dominated (and in many ways still is) by big names like Gillette and Schick. But in the last several years there have been a number of new entrants into the market, offering more choices for consumers.

One of the most popular of these entrants is Harry’s. The reason for that popularity? In our opinion, no other razor comes close to matching the style of Harry’s signature Truman razor.

The sleek bright-orange handle has become well-known, even if you’ve never used a Harry’s razor before, you’ve no doubt seen it in advertisements. But there is a lot more to know about the razor apart from its looks.

From the story of Harry’s two founders that decided to do better than the big companies with their own independent German factory, to a strong social mission of helping men by donating 1% of sales to charity, there’s a lot to like.

But it all comes down to how it shaves. That’s why we recently bought our own to put to the test to see exactly what you get when you buy this definitely cool-looking razor.

What’s in the Box

Packaging for Harry's Truman razor

We bought our Harry’s razor from Amazon. The kit includes a handle, two five-blade cartridges, and a razor cover that goes over the cartridge head.

It all comes in a stylish box, unlike some razors we’ve bought and tested before. If you were to pick this up as a gift, it would definitely make a nice impression.

One note: We bought our razor from Amazon, but for the same amount (or even less) you can get more by ordering direct from Harry’s. Their $15 set includes the razor handle, but also three cartridges (instead of two), the cartridge cover, and Harry’s Shave Gel. There is also an upgraded gift box option if you are buying for someone else.

Razor Design

When it comes to style, we have yet to find a razor that matches up with the Harry’s razor. Looking straight from the 1960s “Mad Men” era, its uniquely designed handle and head opts for simple and sleek compared to the more complex razors and handles you’ll find from other companies.

If you’re wanting something that looks great sitting beside your sink or hanging in the shower, look no further.

Handle of Harry's razor

The handle of the Harry’s razor is a hard rubber. The best way to describe it is a cross between rubber and plastic. It’s hard like plastic, but with a rubberized feel. It doesn’t give under pressure.

One thing that stands out is that the handle is slightly slick. The back and sides are completely smooth, with dotted “craters” on the underside for grip. This smoothness looks great, but it can mean the handle feels a little less secure in the hand compared to other razors with much bigger rubber grips.

A ridge at the top of the handle makes a natural place to rest your thumb and index finger against to control the razor. Without the ridge, we would worry about our fingers sliding up.

The razor feels great in the hand in terms of size and weight. The handle is nice and thick, to where it doesn’t feel like you are holding a pencil. Instead, you know you are holding something substantial to shave with instead of something you have to hold gingerly.

We also liked the weight and balance. The handle has a decent weight to it, making it easier to control than some lighter and smaller razors. It’s also weighted toward the bottom, which provides a nice counterbalance when gripping near the head of the razor to shave.

Connecting to the razor’s head is done with a simple push, and it snaps on easily. To remove the cartridge, you grip on either side below the razor head and push up.

While the build quality of the handle feels amazing, there is some loose rattling where the handle inserts into the razor cartridge.

Cartridge head attachment on Harry's razor

Harry’s razor cartridge consists of several features that you might overlook if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

First and foremost, it is a five-bladed razor. Compared to rivals like the Gillette Fusion5, the razor head is a bit larger. At the base of the blades is a rubber patch designed to help pull the skin tight ahead of the blades. There is also a lubrication strip at the top of the blades for your face as you finish a pass.

One thing we liked is that there is center support behind the razors. This support means that the blades can’t be pushed back in the center, giving a more consistent shave.

On the back of the head is a precision blade, which given the size of the razor head that’s larger than some others, you will likely use to help get tricky spots like under your nose. We’ll admit that usually we have trouble trimming with these blades on other razors. We just can’t quite seem to get the angle right for them to cut.

On the Harry’s razor, the precision trimmer is positioned well and we could easily use it during our shave.

Head pivot on Harry's razor

The cartridge head’s pivot is done with rubber connectors on each side, along with plastic pieces to stop it from going too far back or too far forward. The pivot is estimated at 60 degrees. There is some resistance in the pivoting. It’s a little stiff to push back, but does spring back well.

One thing to note is that the razor pivots at the base of the cartridge head, instead of in the middle like most razors.

The Harry’s razor is made in Germany.


Of course the razor looks great, but how does it shave? Does Harry’s put fashion over function?

During this test we followed our typical shaving routine, which meant shaving in the shower to let the warm water soften the facial hair. To lather, we simply use a glycerin-based soap.

Using a brand-new blade in the razor, we were pleased with the first shave. To us, it provided the perfect amount of resistance when shaving, without any nicks or cuts. You could feel the razor pull across your face, but it didn’t pull on hair or do so uncomfortably.

On other razors we’ve tested the first shave can actually be too smooth. New lubrication strips can make the razor head a little too loose and feel harder to control. While Harry’s does have one of these strips, it didn’t make our face slick (more on this in a moment). Instead, we felt like we had perfect control.

Shaving with Harry's razor

Overall, our shave was comfortable and close. We also found the razor comfortable to hold in our hand. One thing that could be improved is the grip of the handle. We mentioned that it felt a little slick when dry. When wet, the moisture seemed to improve the grip but there were still times when it slipped as we picked it up.

Our fingers naturally gravitated toward the ridge at the top of the handle, offering nice control while shaving.

There were a couple of small issues that we noticed with the Harry’s razor. One thing to note is that we felt the lubrication strip was for show. We didn’t notice it when shaving. In fact, even after using the razor several times the strip still looked practically brand new.

The second thing is that the all the blades don’t feel like they have similar pressure as you shave. Due to the pivoting point being at the bottom of the blades, the first blades (near the pivot point) feel firm against the face. The upper blades feel like they are farther away and don’t cut as much.

Even so, we still felt the razor offered a nice shave.


Smooth surfaces are always easier to clean. With a smooth handle, most of the razor is pretty easy to wash down, without a lot of gunk left after shaving.

The razor’s head was also easy to clean as a simple rinse would take out the cut hair. Below the blades, however, the cartridge has a number of open spots that caught hair and soap while shaving. Even after rinsing for a few seconds, the spots would still hold debris. It was only by making sure we focused water directly into them that they would come clean.

If you shave at a sink, this wouldn’t be an issue as you have a large stream of water from the faucet. In the shower, we had to direct a small jet in the right place to get the cartridge clean. It wasn’t a major issue, but did take a few extra seconds.

Even so, the razor does come clean. Even its smaller parts like the rubber fins at the base of the razor are large enough that hair can rinse out instead of being caught and held.

If you’re someone that likes everything tidy, then you’ll also like that the lubrication strip at the top of the razor didn’t degrade easily.

Cost of Harry’s

Harry's razor sitting on countertop

We bought our Harrys’ razor on Amazon. For about $16 we received a handle, two razor head cartridges and a head cover. It turns out that price is considerably higher than if we had simply bought the set from the company directly on Harrys.com.

Harrys.com offers a couple of cheaper options to get you started. You can get a “Starter Set” that includes the handle, one cartridge, a travel blade cover and foaming shave gel for just $8.

If you know that the set is something you want for the longer term, then you can get the “Truman Set” that includes the handle, three cartridges, shaving gel and travel cover.

Ready to refill? A set of 8 blades is just $16, or $2 per blade.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely stylish razor that looks as good as it shaves
  • Awesome weight and balance; feels great in the hand
  • Perfect amount of resistance when shaving. Cuts, but doesn't pull and offers control
  • The connection of the razor to the handle is slightly loose
  • Spots below the razor can be tougher to clean
  • Lubrication strip doesn't offer much smoothness

Where to Buy

If you want to shave in style, it doesn’t get better than Harry’s. The razor is one of the coolest looking we’ve reviewed, and offers a solid shave. Beside the shave and style, Harry’s is also affordable. A starter kit with a blade and cartridge is just $9. A pack of 8 blades runs just $2 each on Harry’s website.

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  1. How do I write a Review? Bought the Harry’s Razors box at CostCo and Definitely the BEST Razors I have ever Had!!! Credit where Credit is due! Great job! Now I do not have to equivocate anymore when deciding which razor set to buy. Soooo much better than the number one rated razor brand that women seem to buy —- which can Not hold a candle to Harry’s!!! I am a real customer folks — and rarely write reviews. Just tired of spending all this money on razors and having to throw them out, one after the other, because they become dysfunctional so quickly! (But don’t raise the price like Amazon does every time I write a stellar review!)

  2. I would like to add to your review about Harry’s. I sent an email to them asking if they could send a box of products to my husband that has stage 4 Lung Cancer. I introduced him to their razor and their products and he loved them. But the response that I got from them was basically….sorry, but we give at the office. They worded it a little differently but it was the same effect. I didn’t inform them that he is a vet and served his country but I don’t think they really cared. He fights everyday just to have one more day here with me and I thought this might lift his spirits. And they had the nerve to ask if I….I can’t even think of a word to describe what they asked about the person that sent me the email. I guess a bar of soap and after shave just might break their company. I sure don’t want to lose my husband but I won’t be sad to never order another thing from them. Harry’s you may give 1% to charitable organizations but you didn’t do one thing to help a now former customer.

  3. A solid, dependable razor with only one drawback that I could find – the disposable head is easily dislodged whenever I tap it against the side of the sink to dislodge gunk. The connection between the handle and the blade is not substantial enough to keep this from happening.

  4. I bought Harry’s razor set at London Drugs thinking that they might be worth a try. I had been using Schick Hydro 5 for years. It turns out that the Harry’s razors are not as smooth as the Schick and don’t seem as sharp. They are also not as comfortable against the skin. I went back to using Schick Hydro 5 as they are the best I’ve found so far and they work great. My only wish is that they lasted a bit longer.

  5. Been using Fusion blades for years and noticed that they are not quite as good as they used to be, so picked up a package of Harry’s at Costco. Lower cost than Fusion, but so, so disappointed. Harry’s doesn’t even come close to the smooth shave of a Fusion blade. So, I’m a one and done guy with Harrys.

  6. Common, basic and feels like a disposable. Head falls of constantly. Does it shave well? Sure, just like any razor from any box store that is new. Not worth the hype.

  7. I have been using Fusion blades for a long time and thought I would give Harry’s a try. The Harry’s razor has a cheap flimsy feel about it. I have used it for 10 days and cut myself 5 times. Back to Fusion.

  8. Harry’s is a “bait and switch” company. When I first subscribed, the price and quality were great, but over a very short time the price kept inching up and the blades started wearing out faster than those cheap ones you get from the pharmacy. I canceled my subscription.

  9. Head is loose, hard to clean without it coming loose and falling to the basin. Shave is great but just waiting for the head to handle connection to not function.

  10. I am a long time user of Gillette products I like them but feel like I am being gouged at the till every time I buy their products. So I bought a Harry’s razor system at Costco. I like the quality feel of their product but it does not shave as well as Gillette. I don’t have a difficult beard to shave but the Harry’s razor feels like it leaves a little of the beard behind. I find I change Harry’s razors more frequently than Gillette Fusion razors. Also I like the Gillette fusion lubrication strip you get a good idea of how much you have used the blade better than Harry’s. I won’t be buying Harry’s again.

  11. Not a fan. I bought the starter box at Wal Mart. It contained the handle, 2 blades and a cartridge protector. All the first bladd did was cut my face. I have been using the Gillette Fusion for years. I loaded up the 2 nd cartridge. This time the first shave was fantastic. The cartridge, however went downhill fast. I got 5 shaves out of it and I was done. Back to paying more for the Mach 3’s. But at least I will get a good shave. Harry’s stinks.

  12. Harry’s is a horrifically bad product. I shaved with their razors three times & every time my face looked like a horror movie. I tried with soap, their shave gel & a more expensive Gillette shave gel. I even swapped out the cartridge thinking perhaps the 1st was defective. Still cut my face all up. I don’t know what people were shaving with before Harry’s to say it’s so good. This has been a terrible experience from the start for me. Quality is just not there. Don’t waste your money.

  13. Do not buy from them. I placed an order to have the razors shipped every other month. I never received the razors, only the invoice. I have tried to contact Harry’s customer support via the text number they publish, the phone number, and the email address. They have never responded. They are a company with the worst customer service I have ever seen and I have to say I am surprised. I have tried to cancel the order several times without ever being able to reach anyone at the company. There are better razors and companies that care about their customers. Don’t get hooked up with Harry’s.

  14. I find Harry’s blades to be terrible. I continually cut my face. I regularly use a Schick Hydro 5 sensitive-and can go a year with no cuts (not with one single blade of course.)

    I used to use a Mach 3 TURBO, but it seems TURBOS haven’t existed for years.

  15. They give a very close shave but it is hard not to cut my face, not just little nicks but nasty bloody gashes from just a slight pause in the stroke. After repeated cuts I pitched the razor into the trash. Never again! To

  16. This whole article and the reviews about these razors are a lie. They suck, I thought I’d try them because they were cheaper and supposedly just as good but its all a lie. I just tried using the razor and had to go over my face the same spot multiple times and still didn’t get a clean shave. Plus any hair it does take off sticks between the blades terribly. I had to hit the end of the razor against the sink as hard as I would a hammer just to shake off the damn hairs. Easily one of the absolute most garbage razors I have ever used, the only thing I would rate worse are the $1 single use razors. Do not recommend at all, extremely mad I didn’t spend a little more for an actual quality product.

  17. I tried Harrys blades. It was a very rough shave, and I was cut in 7 places after I was finished. I normally use Gillette razors and I never get cut. I threw out the Harrys razor and I will never try it again. I had better luck with disposable razors.

  18. To the makers of Hary’s you say that your razor is not designed to shave heads. I am here to tell you that it is s better on heads than the Gellet fusion. After taking a timer to the hair like a barber then using the your product to finish the job leaves heads as smooth as baby’s bottom.


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