BIC Made for YOU: Full Review & Is It Any Good?

BIC Just for YOU Razor Review

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Review TL;DR

BIC’s Made for YOU razor is designed to be a uni-sex shaver that both men and woman can use. (We aren’t sure why any razor can’t be for both men or women; it’s all hair, after all.) The Made for YOU is available exclusively on Amazon, although the same razor is available through other channels, labeled as “Us”.

As for the shave, to us it was just ok. We found the razor not as comfortable as others we’ve reviewed. Still, there were no nicks or cuts and the shave was close. You can also get started for only about $8.

Meet BIC’s Made for YOU Razor

Maybe you are a female who doesn’t want another pink razor. Or maybe you are a guy that doesn’t want a bunch of fancy design that makes a razor look like it came from a science fiction movie.

No matter who you are, BIC’s Made for YOU is designed to have broad appeal across both men and women. It comes in four colors (navy, nickel, teal, and white), none of which are too masculine nor too feminine.

The razor is also one of the few that focuses its marketing on not just both sexes but also shaving all parts of the body. The company makes it clear that this razor can shave your face, armpits, chest, or anywhere else you want the hair gone.

In a strange twist, visit BIC’s website, and you won’t find any mention of the razor. That’s because the YOU is sold only on Amazon. BIC’s website, however, has another razor called the “Us”; this model is the exact same, just named differently. It’s a bit confusing, but the YOU and the Us appear to be the same razor in case you’re weren’t sure exactly what was going on.

While most razors from the major companies try to continually push out new features, that’s not the case here. In fact, the razor is fairly straightforward. Features like five blades, an ergonomic handle, precision trimmer and a lubrication strip is what you’ll find on this setup, as with just about any razor we review.

In other words, there’s not a lot we found that’s unique about the BIC Made for YOU, apart from it being marketed toward both sexes. Even so, it can provide a solid shave.

We recently bought the razor from Amazon to give it a review and let you know what we thought…

What’s in the Box

Box that comes in Made for YOU razor

As we’ve mentioned, marketing is what seems to set this razor apart from others. That starts with the packaging.

The Made for YOU razor came in a large white cardboard box. Open it up and you get a much different look than any other razor we’ve seen. There’s a welcome message printed on the outer box, and it holds an inner box.

This inner box contains the actual razor, packaged with a flap that opens to view the razor. Inside the kit is a handle and two cartridges.

Packaging for Made for YOU razor

The packaging is definitely eye-catching, but it’s hard not to notice that it’s an awful lot of waste for a handle and a couple of blades. We’d prefer something with less packaging as it’s really not needed.

Razor Design

Relatively simple and straightforward, the Made for YOU design eschews all the fancy bells and whistles you usually find on high-end razors. If you like simplicity, then you’re in luck.

Made for YOU front and back

Let’s start with the YOU handle. The first thing we noticed when picking it up was the weight and balance. It’s not necessarily heavier than other handles we’ve tried, but it has a nice heft to it. As well, the balance is weighted toward the bottom end. Considering that most people grip their razor handle near the head of the razor, this weight at the bottom provides a nice counterbalance and provides a stable feeling in the hand.

The overall design of the handle is sleek. Instead of lots of different textures and angles, the YOU razor is very smooth. The top of the handle is mainly smooth, with a small rubber grip below the button to release the cartridge.

The underside is all rubber grip, but it’s surprisingly all smooth instead of having lots of texture. As well, the sides are a completely smooth mix of both plastic and rubber grip.

Furthermore regarding grip, there is a nice shape to the handle. The head creates a bell shape that’s easy to hold.

One unique feature is the button for the cartridge release. The round silver ball on the handle is pushed in to let go of the razor cartridge. But it also spins freely, like the ball on a fidget toy.

To us there’s no reason to need this style of button on a handle instead of a normal push button, but it does make a unique difference that we’ve not seen anywhere else.

According to the packaging, the handle and razors are made in Greece.

Cartridge of the razor

As far as razor cartridges go, the YOU has all of the modern touches that you’d expect from any major brand.

It starts with five blades, which has seemingly become standard with other razors like Gillette’s Fusion and Schick’s Hydro 5 series. The blades do offer a lot of flexing if pressure is applied to them.

Below the razor is a set of standard rubber fins (the white area in the picture above) that you’ll find on any razor. Above is a lubrication strip to keep things slick, which includes aloe and Vitamin E.

On the backside of the razor head is another single blade for precise trimming.

The YOU razor has a unique pivoting action. Many razors simply push back and pivot at one point. This razor cartridge seems to instead “rotate” around a mid-point. To pivot the head doesn’t take a lot of pressure, but it does take some more than many razors we’ve tested — especially when dry. (When wet, the razor head moves more freely.)

We’d estimate the head pivots back about 30 degrees.

Shaving with the Made for YOU

Razor sitting on the counter

With a razor that is designed to appeal to both sexes — and cutting hair anywhere on the body — how does it actually shave? Our takeaway is that the Made for YOU razor does a good job shaving, but the comfort is lacking.

Following our normal routine, which consists of shaving in the shower in order to soften the hair on our face, we found that BIC’s razor did just fine in actually cutting hair. Even after multiple shaves, we didn’t experience any issues with the razor getting caught, or pulling hair instead of cutting cleanly.

Meanwhile, despite the smoothness of the handle, we didn’t have problems with grip even in the wet. The shape of the handle creates plenty of spots for your fingers to catch and give control. We will say that the rolling metal ball that disconnects the cartridge when pushed is a little distracting. We normally hold the razor near the head when shaving and the ball kept moving our fingers.

Even so, the actual shave given wasn’t bad. We had good control and the cut was close.

What we didn’t like, however, was the comfort. While we didn’t see any cuts, the feel of the razor against the skin felt sharp — almost like lightly scraping the face. That might seem like an unusual complaint — it is a razor, after all. What we’ve found is that many top razors simply glide over the skin to the point to where you barely feel them. That wasn’t the case here.

When it comes to razors there are plenty of options out there, with many offering a close shave that’s so light you can’t feel it cutting. To us, it makes more sense to try one of those to get a nice shave. The BIC Made for YOU isn’t uncomfortable, it just doesn’t feel as comfortable as some other blades out there.


If there’s a downside to five-bladed razors, it’s that in order to put that many blades on a cartridge, they have to be close together. That can lead to clogging and trouble cleaning as hair, skin, and shaving lotion get caught in the close space between blades.

We will admit that we don’t grow a heavy beard, but clogging wasn’t an issue with our use. Even after taking multiple strokes between cleaning, it cut just fine. As well, a quick rinse under the shower head washed away any debris.


Razor head attachment

Want to shave for not a lot of money? The Made for YOU razor won’t break the bank. We bought our test razor on Amazon for just $8. That included the handle and two cartridges. An 8-count refill runs $17, or slightly over $2 per cartridge. As of the time of this writing, a subscription to the razor via Amazon saves 40% off the first order — bringing the price down to less than five bucks.

Pros & Cons

  • Nice shaped handle that promotes good grip
  • Weight at the base of the handle offers nice control
  • An inexpensive price that won't break the bank
  • Razor feels less comfortable than many we've tried
  • Overpackaging doesn't seem necessary
  • Roller ball button can make your grip move

Where to Buy

BIC’s Made for YOU is available exclusively on Amazon. It runs about $8 for a handle and two cartridges. A subscription can get you a discount on your first order.

If you prefer to buy elsewhere, BIC has the “Us” razor, which is the same as the YOU, just sold elsewhere than Amazon. On BIC’s website, the Us starts at about $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on a number of things, including how often you shave and your hair type. Thicker hair cut more frequently will lead to more dulling of the razor. After more than a week of shaving, we felt no difference in feel between the first shave and the last. It wouldn't surprise us to be able to use the blades for at least 3-4 weeks before changing. 

We've ordered and used the Made for YOU, but can't say the same for the Us. That said, looking at BIC's website, we can't tell any difference between the two razors. To us they look the same, cost around the same, and even are both marketed as a uni-sex razor. If there is any difference, it seems slight. As well, the YOU for sale on Amazon is cheaper than the Us for sale on

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