Get Your Best Shave... Ever

See which razor is best for you before you spend the money. Make your next shave better — and less expensive — than you thought it could be.



1. We Spend the Money

We buy the razors we test (it gets pricey!).

Because we spend actual cash — and aren’t given products — we are unbiased in our reviews. We want to find the best shave for the money.

2. We Shave Again & Again

You can’t shave once and say a razor is great. It takes time.

That’s why we try each razor we review time after time to see what we think after the newness has worn off.

3. We Tell You Everything

To us, every detail matters.

And we never know what detail might be important to you. That’s why we aim to have the most exhaustive reviews of razors you’ll find anywhere.

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